The Source!!! An impressive experience for humans – for us

This video is worth to take a bit of your time and to watch & to feel

The Source!!!.

Reblogged from – a outstanding inspiration source with an awesome spirit – I would like to donate you, Ganesh, a rainbow

hands with rainbow

I copied my comment to Ganesh herein, as it describes my feelings when I’ve `inhaled´ this video:

” I’m excited, delighted and very grateful to you, Ganesh, for these information. In my dancing life I’ve probably already felt parts of these all of us inherent vibrations and their patterns, also because I feel “in one” with me and what surrounds me. Now, through you, I got an awesome sign post. I’ll be watching this video several times, to internalize the message. And I want to reblog this video. Thank you with all my heart , Katharina ”

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